Email Authentication Fundamentals

Duration 1 h 28 m 37 s

Email Authentication Fundamentals

About Course

The Email Authentication Fundamentals course is your complete guide to email authentication protocols like DMARC, SPF, DKIM, BIMI, MTA-STS, and TLS-RPT, curated in a way that is beginner friendly. Have a couple of minutes to spare? Take on this course to become an email authentication expert in no time, with or without any prior technical knowledge! 



  • Beginner-friendly modules 
  • Interactive videos 
  • Summarized transcripts 
  • Earn a Free Certification at the end of the course 

Start learning about everything DMARC, SPF, DKIM, MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, and email authentication at your own pace! 

Course content

videoWhat is an Email Attack Vector?2 mFree
videoWhat is Email Spoofing?3 mFree
videoWhat is Email Phishing?3 mFree
videoMalware & Ransomware4 mFree
videoQuiz 130 m
videoWhat is Email Authentication?1 mFree
videoHow does Email Authentication Work?1 mFree
videoEmail Authentication Standards1 mFree
videoQuiz 230 m
videoWhat is DNS?1 mFree
videoHow does the DNS work?30 sFree
videoWhat is a DNS Record?1 mFree
videoTypes of DNS Records with Examples2 mFree
videoQuiz 330 m
videoWhat is SPF?2 mFree
videoVideo Introduction to SPF1 m 41 sFree
videoA Brief History of SPF1 mFree
videoHow does SPF work?2 mFree
videoSPF Tags: Syntax of an SPF Record Explained3 mFree
videoHow to create and publish SPF records?2 mFree
videoSPF Authentication Failures3 mFree
videoVideo Explanation: SPF PermError1 m 39 sFree
videoQuiz 430 m
videoWhat is DKIM?1 mFree
videoVideo Introduction to DKIM1 m 44 sFree
videoA Brief History of DKIM30 sFree
videoHow does DKIM work?1 mFree
videoDKIM Record Syntax30 sFree
videoHow to create and publish DKIM records?1 mFree
videoDKIM Authentication Failures3 mFree
videoVideo Explanation: DKIM Fail1 m 37 sFree
videoQuiz 530 m
videoWhat is DMARC?1 mFree
videoVideo Introduction to DMARC1 m 15 sFree
videoA Brief History of DMARC1 mFree
videoHow does DMARC work?2 mFree
videoWhat is DMARC Policy? : None, Quarantine & Reject2 mFree
videoVideo Explanation: DMARC Policy1 m 40 sFree
videoDMARC Tags2 mFree
videoDMARC Aggregate (RUA) Reports3 mFree
videoDMARC Forensic (RUF) Reports2 mFree
videoHow to Create and Publish a DMARC Record?3 mFree
videoDMARC Authentication Failures3 mFree
videoVideo Explanation: Why does DMARC Fail?1 m 37 sFree
videoQuiz 630 m
videoWhat is BIMI?1 mFree
videoVideo Introduction to BIMI1 m 23 sFree
videoHow to Create and Publish a BIMI Record?2 mFree
videoBIMI Adoption and Support30 sFree
videoQuiz 730 m
videoWhat is MTA-STS?2 mFree
videoVideo Introduction to MTA-STS3 m 32 sFree
videoWhy do you need MTA-STS?1 mFree
videoHow to create an MTA-STS Record?1 mFree
videoWhat is TLS-RPT?2 mFree
videoVideo Introduction to TLS-RPT2 m 29 sFree
videoWhy do you need TLS-RPT?1 mFree
videoHow to create a TLS-RPT Record?1 mFree

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