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How to create and publish DKIM records?

You can create a DKIM record manually or with the use of an online DKIM record generator tool. The advantages of using a tool to create your record rather than doing it manually are: 

  • It's free 
  • It provides accurate results 
  • It helps you avoid human errors 

Once you open your online DKIM record generator tool: 


  • Enter your domain name in the designated box (if your website URL is, your domain name will be without the prefix)


  • Click on the “Generate DKIM record” button


  • You will receive a DKIM key pair (private and public keys)


  • You need to publish your public key on your domain’s DNS

How to publish a DKIM record on your domain?

  • Access your DNS management console 
  • Add a new TXT record

Record type: TXT 


TTL: 3600 

Value: [paste the public key value generated by the DKIM generator tool]

How to check your DKIM record? 

To check your DKIM record you can use an online DKIM record lookup tool to make sure your record is devoid of errors, is functional, and configured properly. 

Note that DKIM alone cannot protect your domain against email-based attacks.

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