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Why do you need TLS-RPT?


  • In case an email fails to be sent to your domain due to any delivery issue, you will get notified.
  • TLS-RPT provides enhanced visibility on all your email channels so that you gain better insight into all that is going on in your domain, including messages that are failing to be delivered.
  • TLS-RPT provides in-depth diagnostic reports that enable you to identify and get to the root of the email delivery issue and fix it without any delay.

How can SMTP TLS-RPT help? 

Secure your entire email channel

Mandatory TLS encryption

MTA-STS protects your email against SMTP downgrade

Receive feedback reports

If a message fails to be sent, you’ll get notified with TLS-RPT.

Total visibility of email channels

Know everything that’s going on in your domain

Eliminate delivery issues

Identify the source of the problem and fix it with zero delay

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