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How to create a TLS-RPT Record?

The process of enabling SMTP TLS Reporting is quite simple. All you need to do in order to enable it is add a TXT DNS record at the correct location, prefixing _smtp._tls. to your domain name.

As soon as you enable TLS-RPT, acquiescent Mail Transfer Agents will begin sending diagnostic reports regarding email delivery issues between communicating servers to the designated email domain. The reports are typically sent once a day, covering and conveying the MTA-STS policies observed by senders, traffic statistics as well as information on failure or issues in email delivery.

You can use an online TLS-RPT record generator tool to create your record. 

All you need to do is enter your email address (the address in which you want to receive your SMTP TLS Reports) and hit the generate button. 

Once that's done the AI will generate an error-free TLS record for you. 

Are TLS reports mandatory with MTA-STS?

No. You can implement MTA-STS without configuring TLS-RPT. TLS reports are an optional but recommended add-on to provide you with visibility on your email channels and email deliverability issues in case of failed TLS encryption between the sending and client servers.

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