Advanced Email Authentication Course

Duration 3 h 55 m 15 s

Advanced Email Authentication Course

About Course

The PowerDMARC Advanced Email Authentication Course is your next step toward becoming an email authentication expert. If you are already well-versed in the basics of email authentication, this is your chance to polish your skills and take them to the next level! 

This course takes you through the core complexities of email authentication protocols, namely SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI, MTA-STS, and TLS-RPT. Take a deep dive into their functionalities, exceptions, implementation, and more! 

In the end, explore how PowerDMARC makes email authentication easier for organizations by taking away the guesswork out of protocol configuration and automating the process for end users. 



  • Expertly-curated modules 
  • Interactive videos 
  • Summarized transcripts 
  • Earn a Free Certification at the end of the course 


Start learning about advanced DMARC, SPF, DKIM, MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, and email authentication at your own pace! 


Course content

videoStandard Email Protocols: SMTP, POP3 & IMAP4 mFree
videoWhat is Email Security?4 mFree
videoEmail Security Practices4 mFree
videoBuilding an Email Security Compliance Model5 mFree
videoCorporate Email Security Checklist3 m 30 sFree
videoWhat is the difference between Inbound email security and outbound email security?4 mFree
videoWhat is Information Security?4 mFree
videoZero Trust Security Model3 mFree
videoWhat is a DNS Lookup?4 mFree
videoUnderstanding the 10 DNS Lookup Limit for SPF Records3 mFree
videoSPF Void Lookups Explained2 mFree
videoSPF Flattening: Resolve SPF PermErrors2 mFree
videoVideo2 mFree
videoCreating and Optimizing SPF records for your own domain4 mFree
videoVideo2 mFree
videoWhat is SPF Alignment?3 mFree
videoHow to Set Up Microsoft Office 365 SPF record?4 mFree
videoHow to Set Up Google Workspace SPF Record?2 mFree
videoHow to Set Up MailChimp SPF Record?3 mFree
videoHow to Set Up SendGrid SPF Record?2 mFree
videoHow to Set Up Salesforce SPF Record?3 mFree
videoHow to Setup Zoho Mail SPF Record?2 mFree
videoThe DKIM Record4 mFree
videoDKIM Key Rotation4 mFree
videoAuthor Domain Signing Practices (ADSP) with DKIM3 m 30 sFree
videoHow to enable DKIM for your own domain?4 mFree
videoWhat is DKIM Alignment?3 mFree
videoHow to Set Up DKIM for Microsoft Office 365?4 mFree
videoHow to Set Up DKIM for Google Workspace?3 mFree
videoHow to Set Up DKIM for MailChimp?4 mFree
videoHow to Set Up DKIM for SendGrid?3 mFree
videoHow to Set Up DKIM for Salesforce?3 mFree
videoHow to Set Up DKIM for Zoho Mail?3 mFree
videoWhat is DMARC Compliance?2 mFree
videoThe Benefits of DMARC2 mFree
videoDMARC Configuring3 mFree
videoAchieving DMARC Enforcement2 mFree
videoDMARC Vs Antispam Solutions2 mFree
videoDMARC Identifier Alignment2 mFree
videoDMARC sp Tag Exceptions & Uses1 mFree
videoConfiguring DMARC without DKIM3 mFree
videoConfiguring DMARC without SPF2 mFree
videoIntroducting to DMARC Reporting2 mFree
videoHow to Read DMARC Reports?3 mFree
videoWhat is DMARC “External Destination Verification”?2 mFree
video"No DMARC Record Found"3 mFree
videoVideo2 mFree
video"DMARC Policy Not Enabled"3 mFree
videoVideo2 mFree
video“DMARC unauthenticated mail is prohibited”3 mFree
videoBrief Introduction to BIMI1 mFree
videoHow to Create a BIMI DNS Record?1 m
videoHow to convert BIMI Logo Image to SVG (Manually)3 mFree
videoWhy your BIMI Logo may not display2 mFree
videoConfiguring BIMI-Selector Headers3 mFree
videoVerified Mark Certificates (VMC)3 mFree
videoIntroduction to MTA-STS2 mFree
videoVideo2 mFree
videoMan-in-the-Middle Attacks and MTA-STS3 mFree
videoWhat is DNS Spoofing?3 mFree
videoThe MTA-STS Policy File2 mFree
videoHow to Fix "MTA-STS Policy is Missing" ?3 mFree
videoIntroduction to TLS-RPT2 mFree
videoVideo2 mFree
videoWhat Is TLS Encryption?3 mFree
videoPowerDMARC : Our Motto, Goals & Achievements1 mFree
videoIntroducing PowerDMARCFree
videoWhy PowerDMARC?3 mFree
videoGetting Started2 mFree
videoSetup Wizard1 m 28 sFree
videoSPF Flattening with PowerSPF3 mFree
videoVideo - PowerSPF51 sFree
videoPowerAlerts4 mFree
videoVideo - PowerAlerts44 sFree
videoDMARC Aggregate Report Views3 mFree
videoVideo - PowerDMARC Aggregate Reports2 m 13 sFree
videoDMARC Forensic Report Views2 mFree
videoVideo - PowerDMARC Forensic ReportsFree
videoDMARC Forensic PGP Encryption and Decryption2 mFree
videoTLS Report Views3 mFree
videoVideo - PowerDMARC TLS ReportsFree
videoPDF/CSV Reports2 mFree
videoVideo - PowerDMARC PDF/CSV Reports1 m 1 sFree
videoPowerAnalyzer3 mFree
videoVideo - PowerAnalyzer47 sFree
videoMailAuth Analyzer2 mFree
videoVideo - MailAuth Analyzer1 m 8 sFree
videoPowerToolbox57 sFree
videoHosted DMARC1 mFree
videoVideo - Hosted DMARC57 sFree
videoHosted BIMI2 mFree
videoVideo - PowerBIMI53 sFree
videoHosted MTA-STS & TLS-RPT2 mFree
videoVideo - PowerMTA-STS1 m 6 sFree
videoPowerAlerts3 mFree
videoVideo - PowerAlerts44 sFree
videoThreat Map1 mFree
videoVideo - Threat Map44 sFree

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